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Process of clay

One of the oldest techniques in elaborating The Art of Mexico is without any doubt seen in the process of "barro" clay, which has been taught among the families of mexican artisans from one generation to the next .To better understand the process of our products, we give you this brief explanation :

clay from tonala

Mixing the clay:

This is the beginning of the process, where the clay is mixed with water for its molding,by tradition the mixing is done by foot, which makes this activity quite strenuous
mexican planters
Molding the clay:
A specific mold is of great importance for a final figure, since it is the beginning of a series production. The molds are mostly made of plaster, because of its consistency, and it depends on this process, which determines the quantity and variety of our mexican clay products .
mexican flower pots
Drying of clay:
The clay is removed from their individual molds and exposed to open air approximately seven or ten days .
mexican terracotta
Baking the clay:
This part of the process is fundamental because of the heat produced by the ovens, which give a final solid consistency to the product.
painting pottery in mexico
The finishing touch:
Here is where the artisans give the final details to our products, such as color, texture, wrought iron incrustations etc., so that our clients can admire this truly beautiful work of art.