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Terms and Conditions of Sale

In order for us to start producing your order, payment must be made by wire transfer or check of 50% of total order to Tierra del Barro and 50% due balance when the merchandise has been shipped and the Bill of Lading (Proof of Shipment) has been sent to the customer. We accept checks and wire transfers . You will be advised by E-mail of the wire transfer/check information as well as the shipping date and balance due.

How do you "size" a truckload ?

The mix of items that you select will determine the quantity of merchandise that you can load into your truck or container. The trailer sizes that we use out of Mexico are 53 ft. or 48 ft. For the most economical freight cost, we recommend a 53 ft. trailer. Determining a trailer load is not an "exact science", however our experience of over 10 years in this business gives us the following guidelines:

A trailer of 53' contains aprox. 400 - 450 clay fireplaces in varied sizes. A trailer of 53' contains aprox. 1,200 pieces of Clay Pottery (mixed sizes). You can split the load however suits you best.

For overseas shipments we also are able to ship and quote 20 Feet and 40 Feet HC ship containers.



We coordinate shipments door to door worldwide.

We have established good relationships with several shipping Companies and customs agencies, that enables us to get the best rate to your destination.

If you need help with this matter, call or E-mail us, we will be happy to help.

Tierra del Barro also offers all the service of Merchandise Consolidation from different vendors and merchandise ; this way you do not have to deal with different companies to use their services. We will take care of everything concerning to your order.

Our services starts before and during your order placement and continues through the manufacturing process until your order is packed and loaded for shipment in your container.

These services are:

Pricing of different freight companies to your Business.

Logistic and warehousing of your different products. (Different vendors)

Loading of the container.

Packaging of the merchandise according to your requirements.


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