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Welcome to Tierra del Barro, your trusted Authentic Mexican pottery manufacturer and global wholesale supplier of premium clay pots, fireplaces, and decorative items from Tonala, Jalisco. Explore our extensive range of high-quality, durable products, ideal for adding authenticity and charm to your retail collection

Discover the Amazing Story of Mexico's Best Pottery Maker!

Travel through time with us, from our simple beginnings to becoming famous in making pottery in Mexico. You’ll find out about our interesting past, what we really care about, and how we always work hard to make the best clay creations for everyone around the world.

Artistic painting of beautiful clay pots by a skilled Mexican Pottery Manufacturer, showcasing rustic colors.

Our Mexican clay products:

Authentic Mexican Pottery Supplier – Earthy Colors Collection

Check out all the great handmade items! We’ve got a great variety of products like clay pots, clay fireplaces, and clay decorations. Each of these comes in various styles and sizes, giving you plenty of choices to make your store more interesting!

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What Our Customers Say

Hermosas piezas de barro que reflejan el trabajo de manos expertas en este material...bien por el arte mexicano...diseños unicos !!!
Patricia Cruz A.
Tierra del barro es una tradición sumamente extraordinaria en manos de nuestros ancestros alfareros, un verdadero arte. FELICIDADES
Nena Perez
Buena calidad en las piezas y muy buen trato al cliente
Flavio Cesar

We create really beautiful pottery that adds a cozy and unique feel to any place. Just imagine having these amazing Mexican clay pots that make spaces look even better! You can join our satisfied group of business customers and let the beauty of our Mexican clay pottery upgrade what you offer.

Our pottery comes in earthy colors – they’re warm and inviting. From reddish terracotta to natural shades, Our pots make spaces look really appealing

Traditional Craftsmanship.

Skilled artists make these pots using special ways that have been around for a long time. They’re like magic makers who create pots that show Mexico’s cool traditions. Each pot tells a story about Mexico and its artsy stuff.

The pots are like artwork that can make any spot look cooler. Whether it’s outside or inside, like in gardens or patios, our pots are like treasure pieces that make places look very special.

We have lots of different pots in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are simple and rustic, while others are really detailed and colorful. You can choose what fits your style best.

Elevate Your Home and Garden Decor.

Our pottery makes homes and gardens look amazing! It goes with all kinds of styles, from old-fashioned to modern. You can make your space cozy with these awesome items.

Wholesale Only .

For retailers and businesses, we offer attractive Opportunities to elevate your product offerings. Embrace the charm of Mexico’s culture and traditions as you delight your customers with our handcrafted pottery, enriching your inventory with genuine artistry.

We’re serious about making really good and real Mexican pottery. Each piece is checked carefully to make sure it’s strong and well-made.

These pots are like a piece of Mexico’s history and art. They’re like storytellers that show off the cool stuff from this awesome country. Check out our collection and see for yourself how these pots can make places look even more amazing. It’s like having a bit of Mexico’s soul with you!

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