How to Order Wholesale Mexican Ceramics at Tierra del Barro


How to Order our  Wholesale Mexican Clay and Ceramics  :

To receive our complete catalog and wholesale price list please provide your contact information. You can reach out to our dedicated wholesale team at or by using the contact form . Once we receive your contact details, you can follow these simple steps to start curating an exquisite collection of authentic handcrafted pottery for your business:

Browse Our Wholesale mexican clay pottery Catalog.

Explore our diverse range of Mexican ceramics available for wholesale. Take your time to browse through our collection, including talavera pottery, terracotta planters, chimeneas de barro (clay chimineas), decorative vases, and clay decorative items.

Contact our Wholesale Team.

Once you’ve found the ceramics that resonate with your brand, get in touch with our dedicated wholesale team. You can reach us at or by using the contact form . Let us know the items and quantities you’re interested in, and any specific customization requests you might have.

Receive all information details.

Our wholesale team will promptly respond to your inquiry and provide a personalized service based on your selected items and order quantity. Rest assured, we offer competitive wholesale prices to help you maximize your profit margins while offering authentic Mexican ceramics to your customers.

Customization for Mexican Pottery Bulk Orders.

At Tierra del barro, we understand the importance of standing out in the market. If you wish to add a unique touch to your order, we can assist you in customizing certain aspects, such as colors, patterns, and designs, to align with your business’s branding and style.

Place Your Order:
Once you are satisfied with the quote and any customization details, it’s time to place your wholesale order. Our team will guide you through the ordering process and ensure a smooth transaction.

Shipping and Delivery of Mexican Wholesale Ceramics.

We offer reliable and efficient shipping services to deliver your wholesale order to your preferred location. We carefully package each item to ensure they arrive in pristine condition, ready to grace the shelves of your store or be sent directly to your customers.

Enjoy the Beauty of Mexican Ceramics.

Congratulations! You are now a proud partner of Tierradelbarro, sharing the beauty of authentic Mexican ceramics with your customers. Experience the joy of seeing your business flourish with these culturally rich and handcrafted art pieces.

Tierradelbarro takes great pride in offering exceptional customer service, ensuring that your wholesale buying experience is as delightful as our pottery. We look forward to building a long-lasting business relationship and being a part of your success in bringing the allure of Mexican craftsmanship to the world.

Payment and Shipping Terms.

To begin order production, we need a 50% initial payment through wire transfer. The remaining balance is due upon shipment, confirmed by the Bill of Lading. We’ll provide essential details, including shipping date, via email.

Understanding Truckload Capacity.

The assortment of items you choose directly impacts the truck or container capacity. Our standard shipping involves using 53 ft. trailers from Mexico, which offers budget-friendly freight cost. Based on our experience, a 53′ trailer can hold around 400-450 clay fireplaces or roughly 1,200 pieces of assorted-size Clay Pottery. You can distribute the load as needed. For overseas shipments, we also provide options of 20 Feet and 40 Feet HC ship containers.

Shipping Bulk Mexican Pottery

We deliver comprehensive, door-to-door global shipping coordination. By leveraging our robust network of relationships with diverse shipping companies and customs agencies, we’re able to secure the most competitive rates for your specific destination. If you require further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our Service Portfolio: Tierra del Barro goes above and beyond mere order fulfillment by also offering Merchandise Consolidation. We take on the management of orders from multiple vendors, thereby eradicating the need for you to juggle communications with various companies. Our offerings span the entire process, from order placement and production to packaging and loading shipments.

Our suite of services encompasses:

Freight Company Evaluation: We assess multiple freight companies to secure the most cost-effective option for your business.

Logistics and Storage Solutions: We manage product storage and logistics from a multitude of vendors.

Container Loading: We shoulder the responsibility of loading your container.

Customized Packaging: We tailor the packaging of your merchandise to meet your specific needs.

Documentation: We manage all the requisite paperwork for your order.

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